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The Spirit Did What?!?

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. -Mt 4:1

Why would The Spirit do this?

-What is ahead is a battle not a vacation

-To get past things we must go through them

-Builds trust in God

-We’ve gotta learn to use the weapons we have

-Adversity and trials can wake us up to reality

Common questions we can ask ourselves:

  • · Are you wondering why certain times can be difficult?

  • · Doesn’t God want my life to be easier?

  • · I’m not strong enough to endure this.

  • · I’m tired of facing fears, I feel like it doesn’t stop

Adversity builds

  • · Endurance

  • · Resilience

  • · Perseverance

“I’m not strong enough”

  • · True!

  • · We aren’t strong enough on our own, we must attack trials the same way Jesus did

  • He handled the word of God with DEEP CONVICTION not just head knowledge

Do what Jesus did:


Exercise for today

  • What are the fearful, false thoughts Satan is tempting you with?

  • Find a corresponding section of scripture to meditate on..

  • Train ourselves with the terminology: IT IS WRITTEN!


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