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At the Clemson Foothills Church we don't "do church" on Sunday morning. When you visit you will participate in great fellowship, singing and a lesson from the word of God. But make no mistake...Sunday morning is not where we want you to stay. We want you to come, bring your friends and family and join with us each week, but let's face it, large group gatherings are not very personal. After you have visited we encourage you to move into a small group. Our ultimate goal is to make disciples and help each other move on to maturity as followers of Jesus. Sunday morning is an important part of our discipleship process, but not the only part!


Our goal at midweek service is to have a focused time of bible teaching. We encourage and expect every member to be able to handle the wordof God competently.  This is a vital step in the process of becoming a mature christian. Too often churches are plagued with spiritual infants, having no direction for spiritual growth. Midweek is an important part of our discipleship process.

Small Group

Our goal with small group is to offer an environment that allows everyone to participate. Christianity is not a spectator sport. We share meals together, our lives together, our struggles and our victories. Small group ensures that nobody gets left behind. We understand that it's easy in a corporate church setting to get lost. Sometimes it can even be intimidating to figure out how to get connected. We bridge that gap by making small groups accessible and an expected part of our discipleship process as we help one another become mature followers of Jesus.

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