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Jesus Communities: Romans

Please continue to check back as our series "Jesus Communities" continues. We'll be exploring all of Paul's letters to the early churches.

  • Glossary of Terms

    • Gospel: The "Good Announcement", Jesus reigns as King and His Kingdom is amongst us and available

    • Salvation/ Saved: God rescuing us from decay and death in order to join Him in His work now, while ultimately living eternally in the new creation.

    • God's Righteousness: Covenant faithfulness

    • Faith/Believe: Trust expressed in loyalty and allegiance

    • Law: Torah; Direction, instruction, guide

    • Justification: Legal term where one party has been judged to be "not guilty"

    • Redemption: Set free; liberated

  • Bible Project Podcast: How to Read Biblical Law

  • Bible Project Video: How to Read the Law

  • Bible Project Video: Biblical Covenant

  • Presentation Slides: Romans 1-4

  • Bible Project Video: Sin & Death


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