Summer Midweek: June 2, 2021


Veterans Park in Pendleton. 7pm

500 Lebanon Road, Pendleton SC


Isaqueena Dam Pavilion. 7pm

Men's Sumer Theme: Gibborum

Gibborum is the Hebrew word for "Mighty men" or “strong ones". It is used throughout the Bible to describe military leaders and kings as the bravest and best in the land. I believe this is our calling and identity as the men and leaders of the church. My intent over the over the next 60 days is to push all of us to grow in camaraderie, Christlikeness and masculine leadership. Each week we will be meeting outdoors at one of the four pavilions along Issaqueena Lake Road in Clemson’s Experimental Forest. By design, the environment for these gatherings is intended to be uncomfortable. There will be no climate control, pest management, comfortable seating, wi-fi, public restroom facilities or potable water available. You probably won’t even have cell service. You can expect to be uncomfortable, challenged, refreshed, and inspired. So please, invite your friends.


June 2: Issaqueena Dam Pavilion, “Clarify” 16: Holly Springs Pavilion, “Unify" 30: Wildcat Creek Pavilion, “Purify" July 14: Willow Springs Pavilion, “Dignify" 28: (Loc. TBD) "Multiply"

Time: 7 - 8 pm. The pavilion will be open after 630. arrive early if possible


Expect the commute to be 20 - 30 minutes from DT Clemson. Carpool if possible. The forest road that bisects Clemson Experimental Forest is a rough, dirt road. I recommend approaching the first two pavilions from the west (via Lawrence Bridge Road), and the last two from the East ( via HWY 133). Here’s an interactive 3D map of forest with routes.

Parking is adjacent to building (no hiking required).

Map of Issaqueena Forest: Map of greater Clemson Experimental Forest: CEF Regulations:

Interactive map of CEF with pavilion location and routes along Issaqueena Lake Rd.