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Embracing Uncertainty: Prayer

Currently we are living in uncertain times.

  • Although certainty can be just an illusion

  • We want to do more than just weather these times

  • Let’s embrace the uncertainty

Walking along with Paul

  • Was imprisoned at least 3 times

  • Faced anxiety, uncertainty, and hardship

We explored yesterday the mindset of Paul during uncertain times

  • He was resilient

  • He was thoughtful

  • He was surrendered

Today, let’s look at his prayer life in uncertain times

Daily Text: Ephesians 3:14-20

Key Points:

  • Paul’s focus is upward and outward not inward

    • His thoughts are on the spiritual well being of those he loves

      • That they are strengthened by the Spirit

      • That they can understand the un-understandable

      • That they are filled

  • Paul magnifies the Father

    • in uncertain times it’s much too easy to make God SMALL

Thought Questions

  1. This week my prayer life could be described as:

  2. When I am praying for others is it for earthly relief or spiritual power?

  3. Am I giving in to anxiety or trusting God?

  4. What is one change you could make to your prayer life to grow healthier?

    • Do I need to be more organized?

    • More intentional and thoughtful?

    • Am I rushing through as quickly as possible?

A Little Extra: Memory verse for the day

Colossians 4:2-6


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